Arno De Keukelaere

Game Developer

Hel's Hatred

A Hack n' Slash game where you play a corrupt Viking raiding and pillaging a village using superhuman attacks.
Made in Unity (C#).

As project lead and programmer I generally focused on UX which consisted of designing and programming the functionality of: the menus, scoreboard, pickups, player combat and UI.

I also put together and polished most of the prototypes that had to be presented on a weekly basis to our teachers, making sure everyone's code functioned as a whole.


Applications used:

Visual Studio 2015, Unity, SourceTree, FileZilla, Photoshop, Audacity, Trello
and Slack.


Brent Op de Beeck, Mathias De Potter, Elliott van Neste and Sidney Olluyn.


Code snippet(s)

Bitbucket repository

Uploading the scores (C#):
Every time a player finishes the level, their scores are tallied and sent to a simple PHP script which appends the new scores to a text file on the server.

private IEnumerator UploadScoreboard()


// The output that will be sent to the server is created using the dictionary "_highscore". This dictionary contains all the scores and names as values and keys.

var output = string.Join(",", _highScore.Select(kv => kv.Key + "=" + kv.Value).ToArray());


// A form is created which contains the field name "scores", which the PHP script will need to identify the output we just created.

WWWForm ftpForm = new WWWForm();

ftpForm.AddField("scores", output + ",");

// Using Unity's WWW class which can be used for simple access to web pages

WWW ftp = new WWW(_ftpScoreboardURL + _ftpPhpCgi, ftpForm);


// Wait for the data to be sent and log errors if necessary.

yield return ftp;


if (ftp.error != null)


Debug.LogWarning("There was an error uploading data: " + ftp.error);




Debug.Log("Scoreboard uploaded.");




Updating the scores (PHP):
During the development of the game I learned some bare basics PHP in a day and got the score upload system working with this short script.



$data_to_save = $_POST["scores"];

$fh = fopen("scores.txt", "a+") or die("Couldn't open the scores file!");

fwrite($fh, $data_to_save);



Copyright @ Arno De Keukelaere 2019. All rights reserved.