Arno De Keukelaere

Game Developer


(C#, Unity)


A new version of the company's audio book app for children's books. You can read, listen, play games and record videos with assets from each book.


play store, app store


(C#, Unity)


8 digital extension games for various card games. I worked on porting the existing games over, as well as implementing concepts for several others.


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De Stemmels

(C#, Unity, Vuforia)


A prototype for a VR/AR game where kids get to use the STEM methodology to learn whilst playing with a board game and cards.

Codename: Bounce

(C#, Unity)


I'm currently working together with one of my friends on a game made in Unity.
It's a mix of the platformer and puzzle genre. Inspired by the various games I've enjoyed playing the past few years.

Neko-Pakku Crash!



An action platformer about a small blob-like alien crash landing on a mysterious planet. Rescue your friends, mercilessly hop on your enemies and escape the planet!


newgrounds, demo video

Cinema Utilities



A simple addon script I put together for Garry's Mod out of necessity. This was written when I only had knowledge of HTML and CSS.


steam workshop


(C#, Unity, SteamVR)

A virtual reality stealth adventure game. Sneak past merciless robots and explore, a mysterious sci-fi city.


trailer, demo video

Locomotion for HTC Vive

(C#, Unity, SteamVR)

Research and development on existing locomotion methods for the HTC Vive. This was my end term paper.


demo video

Hel's Hatred

(C#, Unity)

A Hack n' Slash game where you play a corrupt Viking raiding and pillaging a village using superhuman attacks., demo video, repository

Sweet Deceit

(C#, Unity)


A puzzle game where your play a lost trick or treater trying to collect candy.
Explore a Halloween themed cube world and find your way back home.


download, demo video, repository

Grot Verhaal



A Cave Story tribute C++ game.
The entire game was build from the ground up using a Box2D based game engine provided by the school.


download, demo video, repository


(C++, Cocos2d-X, Android Studio)


A very simple remake of Arkanoid for Android, made whilst learning Cocos2d-x. You can angle your shots using the gyroscope functionality of your device.


download, demo video, repository

Oil Rig BF9 Map

(UE4, 3ds Max)


A map created in the Unreal Tournament editor for Unreal Engine 4. Based on various American oil platforms and mixed with an industrial sci-fi theme.


download, demo video

Particle FX Scene



A scene with several particle systems. Created for the purpose of testing out as many of the Unreal Engine particle system functions as possible.


breakdown video

3D Models

(UE4, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, ...)


Various low and high poly models created in 3dsMax using PBR texturing techniques. With beauty shots taken in the Unreal Engine and Substance Painter.





Hey there! I'm Arno, a Belgian with a bachelor in game development from Digital Arts & Entertainment with prior education in graphic design.

As such, I'm passionate and well versed in both programming and graphic design.

I graduated in 2018 and have had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the game industry for a little over a year.
I've previously worked as a junior programmer and am
currently looking for my next challenge as a gameplay programmer or game designer.

Feel free to contact me in case you're interested in interviewing/hiring me or finding out more about the projects I've worked on!

My native language is Dutch but I'm equally fluent in English.


For more detailed information about my employment history and or work you can either visit my: LinkedIn or view my resume by clicking this big button:



Arno De Keukelaere

Game Developer

Spaghetti enthusiast

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Job interests


Thanks to my educational background and personal interests, I have quite a few aspects of game development that I'm passionate about exploring. These are the functions I actively apply for:


  • Gameplay programmer
  • Game design
  • UI/UX programmer


Knowledge and experience:
(Click list items to expand/collapse them)

    • Programming
    • Intermediate: C++, C#.
    • Rudimentary: HTML, CSS, HLSL, PHP, SQL, Maxscript, Java.
    • Game engines
    • Extensive: Unity.
    • Intermediate: Unreal Engine, Cocos2d-x, Stencyl, RPG Maker
    • Version control
    • Intermediate: Bitbucket, Sourcetree, Versions, TortoiseSVN.
    • 3D modeling
    • Intermediate: 3ds Max.
    • Rudimentary: Blender.
    • Texturing
    • Extensive: Adobe Photoshop.
    • Rudimentary: Substance Painter, xNormal.
    • Prepress
    • Extensive: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator.
    • Web design
    • Extensive: Adobe Muse.
    • Intermediate: Adobe Dreamweaver.
    • Video editing (hobby)
    • Extensive: Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Audacity.
    • Intermediate: Adobe Animate.
    • Rudimentary: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition.