Arno De Keukelaere

Game Developer

Neko-Pakku Crash



An action platformer about a small blob-like alien crash landing on a mysterious planet. Rescue your friends, mercilessly hop on your enemies and escape the planet!

This personal project was a challenge I gave myself to make a complete game on my own using any sort of freeware game creation software. The only game asset I ended up outsourcing was music.

I picked Stencyl and went for a simple pixel art aesthetic and gameplay inspired by some of my favorites games at the time like: Kirby's Adventure, Super Meat Boy and They Bleed Pixels.

The finished project was later submitted for the 2014 Newgrounds Stencyl Jam and motivated me to sign up for a 3 year bachelor program in game design.


Applications used:

Stencyl, Adobe Photoshop, Tiled and Bfxr.

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