Arno De Keukelaere

Game Developer

Oil Rig BF9 UT Map



A map created in the Unreal Tournament editor for Unreal Engine 4. Based on various American oil platforms and mixed with an industrial sci-fi theme.
This was an exercise in the utilization of various level editing and texturing techniques such as: trim textures, modular building, gray packing, blueprints and shaders in Unreal.

Applications used:

3dsMax 2016, Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Photoshop and xNormal.

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  1. First I created a blockout using simple volumes to play test for several hours and iterate on.
  2. After polishing the overall feel and layout of this blockout, I started modeling and unwrapping a handful of meshes and textures.
  3. These meshes then got shoved together and scaled in various ways to make a multitude of unique and new shapes in the map.
  4. And then lastly, I added various decals and some additional power ups after more play testing.

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