• Art Grafunkel (AHT gra-FUNK-ul)
• Born on the 17th of december, 1976, in Belgium;
• Still living there as well;
• Husband of one woman;
• Father of two kids;
• Lord and master of three chickens;
• Slave of one single cat.

I studied art in high school, and animation/illustration at St.Lucas art academy, Brussels (Belgium). Right now I’m a professional graphic designer and illustrator-for-hire. I’ve been a comicbook fan for as long as I can remember... I know, ‘cliché’, right?... and I had a pencil in my hand ever since I could handle those opposable thumbs. Those are awesome and still sort of underrated, by the way. Occasionally I write columns for the Flemish comicnewssite What else... I like movies, eating delicious glorious food (omnomnomnom), Bill Hicks, wine, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, a cold beer, Tool and M.I.A. and Aphex Twin, and long walks along the beach. :)