Handmade paper

Because I love to write unique texts on interesting and structured paper, creating my own handmade paper appeals to me as a calligrapher.

1. Structure 
The unique structure and special qualities of each separate piece of handmade paper make
the paper more than just something to calligraphy or draw on.
Each sheet of paper has its own added value, its own character , its own beauty 
2. Vegetal paper
At first, I made sheets of paper based on industrial celluloses (cotton linters, abaca,
pine, flax…), silk fibers ,hemp, kozo and waste paper (recycled paper). Pretty
soon I went in search for techniques to make vegetalpaper from various types of
plants found in my garden (bear ‘s paw, nettles, butterbur, physàlis, weed …)
3. Applications
Through constant experiments with different fibres and techniques, over and over again,
new creations often develop spontaneously. The exploration of the limit
of the usability of liquid paper- and fiber pulp remains a challenge.
  Basis of abstract calligraphy or the result of written movements
 • Sculptures in paper.
 • Bookobjects
4. The divers plant materials with their characteristic traits
    are brought together in  a DIALOGUE…
To speak
To listen
To discuss
To communicate
To have an opinion
To measure with others
The desire for freedom of speech
The importance of a human world
The desire to be yourself among others

Two apparently contradictory ambitions of people

1. to be 1 individual
2. to be a part of a collective