PC 1600x MIDI Remote for Cubase SX, Creamware DSP devices, Reason and Rebirth.



Here are some presets for the PC1600x MIDI COMMAND STATION. The presets come with explanation and screenshots from Pete's Pc1600x editor.  You are free to use and distribute the original package. Click to download the zip files:

Cubase SX:     24 presets     CLICK HERE to download!

 128 channels MIDI and VST: control every EQ parameter, Insert and Aux (send levels and most on the plug-ins) parameters, transport and panel functions.  The 24 presets use only messages on MIDI channel 14, leaving other channels on the port available for other project channels.  Note: This is new in SX; VST5 remote reserves the whole port for itself.

 How to install!?  Backup and initialize your Pc1600(x) presets.  Send the sysex file to the Pc1600x.  You could import the sysex into an event in Cubase's Event List or use a dedicated editor.  The empty presets will be overwritten with the SX remote implementation.

Import my xml file in Cubase. SX as follows:  SX - Devices - Device Setup - Add/Remove - Select Generic Remote - Add.   Then in Devices column, left, select the Generic Device you just added and go to its Setup tab page.  Import Pc1600x-SX_remote.xml.  Set MIDI I/O ports and you're rolling!

 I no longer use the PC1600x for Cubase, only for the DSP devices. As a result, these presets are no longer updated. Steinbeirg kept changing the remote implementation with each new Cubase version, so I got a Behringer BCF2000 which makes VST life easy.


Creamware DSP devices:     60+ presets     CLICK HERE to download!

DSP Mixers: 36 presets to match your setup.

Load a bundle of presets that suit:  from Micromixer over Dynamixer to the STM series: 12, 16 or 24 channels of volume, pan, aux sends and even master controls, it's all there.  The Pc1600x mixer presets use only one MIDI channel.

DSP synths and effects:

Creamware:  Miniscope, Inferno, EDS8i, EZSynth,

Sonic Timeworks: DSP bundle (thanks Dave!)

Orbitone: Three-O-Three, Vorb, ...

Neutron7: Dub-a-duck, Transplanet and Sonic Attack, See Sonic Attack page for implementation examples

Wavelength:  DubSub,


Reason:   18 presets     CLICK HERE to download!

7 presets for Mixer142:  volume, pan, 4 aux sends and master channel control.

6 presets for Redrum and 4 Subtraktor presets.

Check out Reason's MIDI Implementation manual.


Rebirth:   11 presets.  CLICK HERE to download!

Mixer and effects,

2x 303, 808 and 909: every knob and button

Including step sequencers, pattern and bank selection!

See Rebirth's manual for MIDI implementation.  The Pc1600x presets send on MIDI channel 13 only; set Rebirth - Edit - Preferences - MIDI remote to standard mapping on channel 13.


Have fun with these Pc1600(x) presets!!  Please mail me comments or suggestions,



Page updated 29/12/'02