Welcome to my site !

Learjet gif This site is dedicated to all flight simulator enthusiasts. I made this site purely for the fun and to share some information with others. This is my first attempt in designing a website since I started learning html, css and javascript out of interest.

I started this website when I was still looking for a pilot job so that explains the resume on this page. I have been applying for an airline job for about 2,5 years while working as an aircraft loader. By the end of 2007 I received a job offer from Jetairfly Belgium after doing several tests for them. Then I started my training in a B737classic simulator in January 2008. After the simulator training I had to do several ground courses such as evacuation training, wet drill, fire drill, first aid, safety and security courses, performance course, CRM course etc. Then I started my line training on passenger flights by the end of March. My line training was completed in May after 20 flights.

I hope you all will enjoy my site and that I will be able to update this site on a regular basis.

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