PMDG(Precision Manuals Development Group)

What is PMDG?

PMDG writes addon software for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I currently have the following products installed:


B747-400 Queen of the skies
B747-400F cargo version

Their products come with pdf manuals and you can even download and update your AIRAC database each month, just like they do with the real FMS. It's a self-installer that will update your FMS navigation database.

You may visit the PMDG site here for a complete list of their products, or you can view some screenshots below of the products that I have.


I never liked the default Microsoft jet planes such as the 737, 747, 777 for several reasons:

All this and much more is solved with PMDG aircraft which enhances the realism of your flight simulator experience!

To summarise the above points, the microsoft jet planes are too simplistic and they are flown like you would fly a small piston engined aircraft! So naturally I was disappointed, especially considering the fact that I'm a pilot and I would like to keep up with my flying skills and general knowledge in the most realistic way possible( and with realistic I mean based on real world aircraft systems). This untill I discovered PMDG addon aircraft which I find very realistic!! In fact, I don't fly any other aircraft in flightsim anymore except for the PMDG 737's and 747.

I also have the 'Feelthere 737Pilot In Command' or 737PIC from 'Wilco publishing' which contains the B737-300/400/500 versions but disappointingly it is framerate-UNfriendly compared to PMDG, although it's a nice and realistic software package. But your computer will have a noticeable performance drop when running feelthere software, while PMDG runs like a knife through butter on your pc (and I've got 4 of their packages installed into my flightsim program!). Furthermore, in the PIC737, I have noticed some route discontinuity problems and other minor flaws in the FMS that cannot be cleared for some reason or another. I don't get these problems in the PMDG.

PMDG screenshots

The 737NG (Next Generation)package

Contains the B737-600, 700 versions and also the B737-800 and 900.

Click on the images to enlarge.

B737NG I took this picture after landing on RWY26 at Innsbruck, Austria. The city is in the far distance, towards the rising sun.
B737NG passenger cabin A view of the cabin. In PMDG you can walk through the entire cabin and back to the cockpit in virtual cockpit view mode!
B737NG cockpit I took this screenshot while standing in the door opening in virtual cockpit view mode
B737NG flightdeck Another virtual cockpit view with Innsbruck terminal outside
B737NG external view Lots of Innsbruck screenshots you might think. I just like the scenery there and with "Ultimate Terrain Europe" scenery addon, it becomes even more a pleasure to watch in the simulator!
My dinner is being served!

This is a profile that I programmed for my Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar joystick and throttle to use with PMDG737NG. You may download my joystick file and macro file and then place them in C:\Program files\Foxy\Files. Then start Foxy, open the profiles and press F12 to download the settings to your HOTAS. Now in FS9 load a flight with the PMDG737NG and select PMDG menu to change your default controls to the ones used by Foxy or download 737Kbd.ini and place it in your main PMDG installation folder(backup old .ini). Locked and loaded! You can now fly the 737 keeping your hands on throttle and stick (=HOTAS). The buttons on throttle and stick will generate various keyboard commands while you can minimise keyboard usage and keep your hands on the flight controls!

The 747 Queen of the Skies

My favourite plane, the one and only B747-400! Did I hear you say that the A380 is more beautiful?! Get off my site!! (Joking)

B747 cabin view B747 Engine display B747-400 B747 EICAS B747 overhead panel B747 cockpit at nightB747 flightdeck window

747-400F Cargo version

B747 Cargo nose

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