This is a short version of the resume that I created when I was still looking for an airline job. The information concerning flight hours is now outdated but I will leave the resume here as a sample. There used to be a different picture on my resume as well

Personal details   my picture
Status Single
Nationality Belgian
Date of Birth April 30, 1979
Relocate As required
More info...  
Flying Hours  
Single and twin engine piston: 229 hrs
MCC B737-200 20 hrs  
Belgian Air Cadets gliding 103 hrs  
Total 352 hrs of which 130 hrs IFR and 122 hrs PIC
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General Education:    
2002-2005 JAR ATPL Training  
1999-2002 Bachelor in Aeronautical
includes practical experience in heavy
1998-1999 Industrial Engineering  
1992-1998 General Secondary Education  
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Language skills    
Dutch: Mother tongue  
English: Fluent written and spoken  
French: Good written and spoken  
German: Basic written and spoken  
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Hobbies & interests    
SCUBA Diving Reading novels etc
Computers Science  

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