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Welcome to my Web site!

My first words to you.

This page (and all the others you will find afterwards) is just one more of the many other homepages you'll find on the World Wide Web.

The main purpose of this Homepage is just to inform you about me, my interests, my favorites, my hobbies.

A good starting point will be this link, a brief explanation of the person behind the keyboard who wrote this stuff (Probably in very bad English, but I'm wondering how you would perform when you are writing in Flemish)

Things you will find here

Fist of all, let me warn you. I am an OS/2 User in heart and soul. That's why you'll find more OS/2 related info on these pages than about an other over-hypedr OS.

Because I'm writing this in a 5 minute cofee-break, the list (and the info) you will find here are certainly not completed and subject to change at any time. But it's a good starting point and it gives you a reason to visit my page frequently.

The main reason of this homepage.

Pandora is one of the first ISP-providers in Belgium giving you the possibility to access the Internet with a cable-modem. But they only install the client software on a Windows environment and the support they give is therefore only based on a Windows PC.

Click here to visit the Linux Site Unfortunately for Mister Gates, there are other operating systems out there and some of them are damn good too.
Linux to name one, and of course OS/2.
Click here to visit the OS/2 Warp Site

If you are an OS/2 user and you wonder what you have to do to connect your OS/2 PC to The Net using Pandora as your ISP, the answer is right here. A clear, step by step description; what software you need and what you have to do, illustrated with the necessary screen shots.

If these explanations aren't helping you out of a particular problem, you can always reach me by e-mail for your questions. I'll be glad to answer them.

My To Do list.

Final touch of the support page (how to configure your OS/2 PC for Pandora).
Placing a counter on my pages. (Already done for the main page)
Creating a page with useful OS/2 Links and information.
Go to sleep (because since the day I'm using Pandora to surf the Net I didn't see much of my bed, nor television).

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