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What is Space Empires V?

Space Empires V (SEV) is a so called 4x turn based strategy game for PC, made by Malfador Machinations and published by Strategy First. If you want to learn more about this game then there are some good community sites to check out in the links section.

Malfador Machinations

So what is this site all about then?

As I started playing PBW (Play By Web) games, the game acquired an extra dimension. All my previous games had been against AI's and even on the hardest settings, these are usually no challenge to more experienced solo game players. When you play PBW games, the game presents a whole new experience. Human players tend to be a lot more challenging and fun to,play with. Most players like to indulge in some degree of role playing as they lead their customized race on its path to explored the galaxy, which adds to the game immersion. There are quite a few players who start a blog or a forum thread to share their game story as seen through the eyes of their race. This often leads to some very interesting stories and it is fun to read the stories, even if one's not a participant in the related PBW game.

This site provides my contributions to PBW games I participate in. I am absolutely not used to writing stories and English isn't my native language, so hopefully the content on this site will not make your eyes bleed too much :-)

If you are a fellow SEV player then obviously you may conclude that my updates tend to be slightly biased, sometimes devoid of crucial information and at times it may even hurt your species' feelings. Alas, you are completely powerless against this! However, you have the option to create your own site and share your version of a story (a.k.a. shameless propaganda) with the rest of mankind. Feel free to drop me a mail if you want to share your pages, I am a sucker for a good story.

Interesting links

For downloads of patches and a very active community forum: http://www.spaceempires5.com. For custom race and mod downloads and another very active community forum: http://home.spaceempires.net. For multiplayer games via the web: http://seiv.pbw.cc. There is also a Space Empires V wiki which is worth a visit.


This is where I'm supposed to duck all responsibility for whatever you may read or see on these pages. Well, this is a non-profit site which is strictly intended for harmless recreation. No Phong or Drushocka were hurt in the writing of the content, although increased blood pressure, flatulence and slight nausea may be caused by reading these pages, especially if you are a PBW opponent.

Space Empires V is a trademark of Malfador Machinations. All other trademarks and copyrights are the properties of their respective owners. If you find any offending material on this site, then please contact me.