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My old camera gave me a few worthy shots in the UK, but I decided to switch.
A new camera, a new, almost-hobby
These were made during a business trip in Chicago

4 guys in Rome. Talk about "culture shock".

Fontainebleau. Speeltuin voor volwassenen.

School related

Gosh, has it really been that long? Three years of freedom already :)

Computer Graphics Renderer (Winzip 8.0)

thesis. Only kept for historical interests and despite the risk of blackmail

OpenGL: can't live with it, can't shoot it...

Rolla sucks. I have the T-shirt to prove it. Never too young to learn ... a bunch of science-related websites

Science Network

Open Universiteit Gent


Mooie, indringende reportage-achtig verslag over moto-tochten door het gebied van Chernobyl

Mijn petekind (allee, de vader van)

Mijn petekind (allee, de vader van)

underdog software

OpenGL lessons

Een Hollandse boekenwurm verkoopt haar verzameling. Kan 1 persoon zoveel lezen?

Volgende zomer spelen Stef en ik Beach Volley! Joepiedepoepie!

wap. Some pictures and midi files.


CounterStrike (source)

Original Counter Strike site

Valve Source SDK (to make my own maps)

bahuman Xfire Miniprofile

Bikes: a new passion

Bikes: read my sad, sad sob-story here.
A more happy story about a motor trip.

Manta: an old passion

My 2 first cars