Multi Ch.Dixmoor Top Of The Pops


(Multi Ch.Boxing Helena's XLNT Man x Multi Ch.Dixmoor Light o' The Moon)

D.O.B.: 27/03/2002

breeder: Mr.Coppel C.

owner: Boxing Helena kennels Belgium


Brabo Junior Winner 2003

Mediterranean Winner 2004

Golden Medal Royal Belgian Sighthoundclub 2004

Belgian Winner 2004


French Champion

International Champion

Slovenian Champion

Croatian Champion

Belgian Champion

Dutch Champion

Luxembourg Champion



Mbo and his daughter Dobé De Iry Hemes Nefer ( picture by Ellegraphics )





Precious little angel

You're my own sweet turtle dove

Won't you stay with us forever

in a bundle full of love

(Annie Lennox:"Precious")





Mbo handled by his breeder 

Christophe Coppel winning BOB 

at the "Championnat de France" 

2003 in Strasbourg. 

Mbo at 7 months winning Best puppie 

at the EU dogshow Paris

His sister Zoe (Dixmoor The Killing Moon) 

was best bitch puppie at the same show.

Thank you very much to Christophe Coppel for breeding this wonderfull litter, 

and surely for allowing us to have the gorgeous Mbo.


The first showresults proved that the litter of Christophe was very succesfull. Both, Mbo and his sister Zoe won BOB at the two biggest and most importend shows in France. 

Zoe was BIS at the Nationale d'Elevage.

Mbo was BOB at the "Championnat de France"

Mbo is one of our most recent imports, coming to us from France from the Dixmoor kennel of Mr.Coppel.  


He is a son of our Ch.Boxing Helena's XLNT Man, ex Ch.Dixmoor Light O'The Moon, both have very strong linebred pedigrees to the Nevedith lines I admire. 

This results in a wonderfull pedigree for Mbo ! 




Mbo is pictured here at the world dogshow , Dortmund 2003 where he was 4 Ex 

He was entered in the youth class, a class of 28 entries.

picture by Asta Simonelyte. 




x PEDIGREE for Ch.Dixmoor Top Of The Pops

  Ch.Boxing Helena’s XLNT Man

CH.Nevedith Veefa Vagabond

CH.Nevedith Rare Rogue

Dumbriton Joking Apart

Nevedith Justa Joy

CH.Nevedith Justa Jenie

CH.Pencloe Dutch Gold

CH.Nutshell of Nevedith

CH.Nevedith Supa Sassy

CH.Pardee Appy Arry of Nevedith

CH.Nevedith Justa Jesta

Pardee Parisienne Girl

Nut Cracklin of Nevedith

CH.Nevedith Apple Scrumpy

Chilka Dusky Dame

Ch.Dixmoor Light O’ The Moon

Ch.Nevedith X-Ray

Ch.Nevedith Paper Weight  

Nevedith Merry Monarch

Whitbarrow Minimist

Sakonnet Alfalfa

Ch.Akeferry Jimmy

Sakonnet Black Mustard

Ch.Dis Merci A La Dame Du Sac A Malices  

Ch.Nevedith Paper Weight  

Nevedith Merry Monarch

Whitbarrow Minimist

Un Amour De Swann Du Sac A Malices  

Ch.So Proudly We Hail Du Sac A Malices

Gold Dust’s Pepite D’Or




Mbo's mother and grandmother

Ch.Dixmoor Light O’ The Moon  

Ch.Dis Merci A La Dame Du Sac A Malices



Aysha Van De Razende Roeltjes

Davinci De Iry Hemes Nefer

Mbo's daughter Fleur 

her website : -> click here

Dobe De Iry Hemes Nefer,

Mbo's daughter out of Babette De Iry Hemes Nefer


Dobe's own website -> click here