Classic Perl articles

I have collected a list of Perl articles that were eyeopeners to me at the time, while learning Perl. I still like to point newbies to each one of them, when the occasion arises.

Most of them are already quite old, I think the average age must be above 5 years, but I don' think they have lost their relevance. If you think they have, you may just be overestimating the speed of progress in IT. :)

Some of them have disappeared, or may disappear some time in the future. But I'm prepared, if that happens (or rather, when that happens), I'm replacing the link to the original site, by a local copy.

I am not pretending I wrote these articles. I didn't. But they were really important to me at the time, and I think it'd be really a shame if they just dropped off the net and disappeared forever. So, I'm trying to prevent that.

Welcome to the museum.

The copyright of these articles still lies with the original authors. As far as I'm concerned, it'll always be this way.