Dominic Wood Q&A (1998)

Where were you born?

3 older brothers - Matt, Jim and Tim.

Chilling with friends and magic!

Favourite colour

Favourite item of clothing
My inside out look T-Shirts

Favourite band/artist
Natalie Imbruglia/Astral Protection

How would you spend your perfect Sunday afternoon?
Going to a huge field in Devon with loads of mates and staying there in a few tents

Favourite animal

What are you scared of?
The sea

Who/what makes you laugh?
A friend called Dave Chapman who is so weird he makes me laugh. My 3 brothers make me laugh too

What other jobs have you had?
Magician in a joke shop

Favourite food
Anything vegetarian

Most embarrassing moment
Walking into the girls changing room/shower room by mistake. I went red and all the women started laughing

Favourite film
Star Wars

Favourite holiday destination
Devon or Jamaica

What's your biggest ambition?
To be the next big T.V. magician