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Bardrock for the brave and free
Kicking ice since 2003

"Let us face it: iCE KiNG, solo project of Bas L.G. Verdin, is not an easy thing to present, however definite it is. Who has got clean and open ears for pure music and something unique at the same time, can end here at last. This pioneering bard brings a repertoire of his very own, where his baritone tuned guitar is far from just an accompaniment for his wide-ranging vocals, who are as melodic, rhythmic and expressive altogether. The lyrics are mostly formed by his transcriptions though of nearly forgotten poems, especially from Scottish and English Romanticism. The epic atmosphere thereby created, is like the musical development of the paintings from that period, whereby the consistent, generous and heartfelt tunes evolve beyond the different genres-for-art's-sake really. For over fifteen years already, iCE KiNG delivers albums on a non-stop basis, nine for the time being, and gives one-man concerts with no less remarkable regularity of passion, we daresay calling. This in homeland Belgium, but abroad as well, particularly in the United Kingdom and Germany. File under: Bardrock for the Brave and Free. The others? They simply do not know what they are missing... The extensive Castlepage: http://iceking.be"

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