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Bardrock 1.0
Epic Avant-Barde
King of Rock 'n' Cold
Belgium's Bravest Bard
Celtic Singer-Songfighter
Cool Music for Fresh Minds
Romantic Poetry on the Rocks
Heathen Hymns and Hidden Gems
Auti-Powered Anthems from Avalon
Ballads, Battles, Candles and Castles
The Viking, the Victorian and the Viceroy

Pioneering solo project of Bas L.G. Verdin, since 2003

Wide-ranging vocals & baritone guitars, mostly clean
Occasionally guitar or keyboard instrumentals
Pure, generous and varying melodies, tonalities, rhythms and tempi
Lyrics based on nearly forgotten poetical pearls

✔ More expressive, less explicable
✔ More authentic, less replaceable
✔ More music, less plastic

=> No other cups of the same tea, alas
=> A lifetime enjoyment for those sensing consciously and thinking out of the box
=> A thing all too easily (mis)labelled by those not knowing what they are missing

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More pictures: The Age of the Kilt

Concerning the press: Press Mess

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Many thanks to the most diverse and distinct audience