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Heavy Matters
A Treatise on Metal, Music and Society

Reflective memoirs from Bas L.G. Verdin (musician, philosopher, political scientist) as the former keeper of a record store, explicating misunderstandings about metal music among outsiders and insiders alike, linked to societal questions. Where philosophy, sociology and musicology meet...
114 pages, full text, no fillers
Published by Vzw 3-4 under ISBN 9789082360301
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"Heavy Matters, substantive and verb at the same time, is a treatise encouraging to read every sentence twice, before it takes off with the as yet unpopular method of positioning both its theme (metal, music and society) and its author (Bas L.G. Verdin) in a certain sense Between the devil and the deep blue sea, allowing metal as well as human Senses and senses to be brought into play again, setting the tone for a discussion of Metal as music: instruments at the one hand, and Metal as music and more: voices at the other hand.

Revealing that the theme is not only 'no easy matter', but also 'a matter of time', deeper excavation bumps into voices from the past about Apollo, Dionysos and other gods, which paves the way for a discussion in reverse of Music as media and music as metal, the latter being put into perspective in Music as metal and the industrial devolution, after which a fine-tuning in Maps and traps, with further differentiation and constructive deconstruction of common beliefs, opens the door for general awareness and debate."

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