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21 November 2020Ninove
Geraardsbergsestraat 31
30 October 2020Gent
Vlaanderenstraat 53
integral part of day seminar
27 February 2020BrusselLa Porte Noire
15 December 2019MortselMuziekacademie
7 September 2019TienenDe Langste Eettafel
17 August 2019AntwerpenThe Rocking Bull

Alle Schrauben LosLosLosheim!

1 June 2019BrittenLandgut Girtenmühle

For Auld Lang Syne

30 May 2019BrusselLa Porte Noire
25 May 2019TienenPand 10
11 May 2019GingelomCecilia Inn
24 March 2019TienenOud College
19 March 2019LeuvenPolitika Kaffee

Centrice King II

28 February 2019DoverPriory-Hotel
27 February 2019WestbereThe Old Yew Tree
25 February 2019Folkestonehousecooling
23 February 2019ChilhamThe White Horse

Ice Quindecennial

22 December 2018TienenPand 10
15 December 2018MortselMuziekacademie
25 November 2018Assehousecooling
9 November 2018LeuvenPolitika Kaffee
22 September 2018TienenDe Langste Eettafel

Blood Moon

27 July 2018BrittenLandgut Girtenmühle

Double Release

21 July 2018TienenPaterskerk
14 July 2018LeuvenBelgaleiro
16 June 2018Zaventemhousecooling
8 June 2018BreeNefast
10 May 2018BrusselLa Porte Noire
22 April 2018MortselCultureel Centrum

King of the Black Forest III

13 April 2018Freiburg im BreisgauK.I.S.S.
11 April 2018Freiburg im BreisgauWhite Rabbit Club
8 April 2018Freiburg im BreisgauEimer

Six, Druids and Rock 'n' Cold II

20 March 2018TienenVOC
10 February 2018AntwerpenDen Beulebak
16 December 2017Antwerpenhousecooling
10 December 2017DuffelDe Kunstfabriek
25 November 2017DilbeekTatwala
22 November 2017AntwerpenDe Stroming
14 October 2017AntwerpenDen Hopsack

The Highlander, the Viking and the iCE KiNG

25 September 2017InvernessMarketbar
22 September 2017Newcastle upon TyneThe Globe
21 September 2017YorkThe Spread Eagle

Long-player Six, Druids and Rock 'n' Cold

3 August 2017TienenBrasserie Tiens!
4 June 2017TienenVrijetijdscentrum
25 May 2017TienenVrijetijdscentrum
6 May 2017BerchemDen Eglantier
30 April 2017TienenVrijetijdscentrum
4 March 2017Merksemhousecooling

Centrice King

15 January 2017FolkestoneLiME
14 January 2017Folkestonehousecooling

National Autism Congress and Beyond

28 October 2016Tienenhousecooling
15 October 2016GentCampus Kantienberg
1 October 2016TienenDe Langste Eettafel

Warhorns Festival and Beyond

24 September 2016YorkThe Spread Eagle
17 September 2016SelbyThe Venue
16 September 2016BridlingtonThe Londesborough

Open Air Special

27 August 2016LeuvenSint-Donatuspark

King of the Duke's Forest

4 August 2016's HertogenboschLohengrin


29 July 2016AachenChico Mendes

Quinta Icentia Quinquies

20 June 2016TernatDe Mièrelong
11 June 2016AntwerpenAMI
27 May 2016TienenBrasserie Tiens!
21 May 2016DuffelDe Kunstfabriek
19 March 2016TienenTheatercafé

Berlin on the Rocks

8 January 2016BerlinDodo
7 January 2016BerlinMadame Claude

Hometown Improvement

24 November 2015LeuvenMuseum Café
4 November 2015LeuvenHet Depot
1 August 2015LeuvenBelgaleiro

King of the Black Forest II

31 May 2015Freiburg im BreisgauEimer
30 May 2015Freiburg im BreisgauK.I.S.S.
29 May 2015Freiburg im BreisgauCorosol


23 May 2015AntwerpenDen Hopsack
12 March 2015BrusselLa Porte Noire

King of the Black Forest

23 November 2014Freiburg im BreisgauEimer
19 November 2014Freiburg im BreisgauWhite Rabbit Club

All Work and Yet Play

25 October 2014Kessel-LoSojo
27 October 2013VertrijkJespo
15 September 2013AntwerpenDen Beulebak
25 May 2013DilbeekTatwala
9 May 2013BrusselLa Porte Noire
10 November 2012TienenMuziekacademie
20 October 2012AntwerpenDen Hopsack
19 August 2012VertrijkJespo
27 May 2012HasseltDe Witte Non
2 April 2011AntwerpenPanddemonium
17 April 2010LeuvenCC Oratoriënhof
19 February 2010LeuvenRock Café
28 November 2009WespelaarCafé Noir
25 September 2009AntwerpenPanddemonium
5 September 2009Kessel-LoSojo
23 May 2009LeuvenMartelarenplein

East Riding Rock Festival and Beyond

2 May 2009WillerbyThe Springhead
29 April 2009Kingston upon HullSharkeys

Second Sailing Sessions

20 March 2009SchelleDe Mouterij
10 January 2009LeuvenIn De Toewip
28 November 2008BoutersemCC Eykeveld
16 October 2008LiedekerkeThe Music Box
14 June 2008Kessel-LoSojo
13 June 2008TienenRockcafé Tekilla
22 May 2008LeuvenDer Machine
3 May 2008TienenCC De Kruisboog
26 April 2008LeuvenSint-Michielskerk
22 March 2008Kessel-LoSojo
22 December 2007AarschotHangar 18
21 November 2007Kessel-LoSojo
28 October 2007LeuvenSint-Donatuspark

Metieval Festival

23 September 2007 Beverley War Memorial Hall
22 September 2007 Beverley War Memorial Hall

Belgium's Bravest Bard Begins

15 September 2007Heverlee't Pakenhof
4 January 2007AntwerpenThe Bottom Line
30 December 2006AntwerpenDen Hopsack
16 December 2006AntwerpenDen Drempel
14 December 2006HeverleeSint-Antoniuskerk
1 December 2006AntwerpenDe Rots
16 September 2006HoeilaartJ. Van Ruusbroeckpark
3 September 2006LeuvenE. Van Arenberghstraat
30 August 2006Hoegaarden't Paenhuys
27 August 2006WinkseleSporthal Warot
25 August 2006GentThe Frontline
15 August 2006LeuvenVilla Squattus Dei
5 August 2006SchotenDe Heidebloem
2 August 2006LeuvenRumba
19 July 2006AntwerpenThe Bottom Line
9 July 2006SchaarbeekNovanoïs
2 June 2006BrusselDada
14 May 2006Sint-Pieters-RodeKasteel van Horst
11 May 2006LeuvenSTUK
28 April 2006LeuvenDe Charlatan
16 April 2006LeuvenRock Café
7 March 2006LeuvenH.I.W.
15 January 2006AntwerpenDen Doedelzak
11 January 2006LeuvenHet Depot
15 December 2005HeverleeSint-Antoniuskerk
28 August 2005HombeekBankstraat
30 July 2005EkselKoerberg
17 May 2005LeuvenSTUK
8 March 2005LeuvenH.I.W.
5 November 2004LeuvenPolitika Kaffee
1 October 2004LeuvenVleugel F
10 September 2004Leuvenhousecooling
3 September 2004Leuvenhousecooling
25 August 2004Hoegaarden't Paenhuys
10 April 2004Hoegaarden't Paenhuys
9 March 2004LeuvenPavlov
25 February 2004LeuvenLido
11 December 2003LeuvenDoc's Bar