VIrtue & VIrtuosity
Sixth iCE KiNG album, released as Compact Disc in 2017, as well as digitally

All epics are being performed still, possibly slightly adapted


I. Tristram - The Message (I) and the Menace (II)
Guitar and vocals composed by Bas L.G. Verdin
Verses from "Tristram and Iseult" by Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

II. Montjoie! - Betrayal (I) and Bravery (II)
Guitar and vocals composed by Bas L.G. Verdin
Verses from "The Song of Roland" (traditional)

Instrumental Speech I:


III. Kingdom Come
Guitar composed by Bas L.G. Verdin

IV. Metafusion III A
Guitar composed by Bas L.G. Verdin


V. Metafusion III B
Guitar composed by Bas L.G. Verdin

VI. Metafusion IV
Guitar composed by Bas L.G. Verdin, with a wink to Edvard Hagerup Grieg (1843-1907)

VII. Romance Dance - Overture (I) and Overstep (II)
Guitar composed by Bas L.G. Verdin

VIII. Marching Against the Times
Guitar composed by Bas L.G. Verdin


Instrumental Speech II on Monarkey
Metafusion I and II on Victory iV

Graphics based on the painting "Le Songe d'Ossian" (3rd century warrior-bard, feat. Snow King) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), and on iCE KiNG picture at Threave Castle in Scotland

Simultaneous projections of paintings, live or online:
II. "Paysage avec la Mort de Roland" by Achille Etna Michallon (1796-1822)
III. "View of the City of Edinburgh" by Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840)
IV. "The Ancient of Days - Urizen measuring out the material world" by William Blake (1757-1827)
V. "Death on a Pale Horse" by William Blake (1757-1827)
VI. "Sunset in the Yosemite Valley" by Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902)

"My sixth long-player as iCE KiNG sounds the most of all, not like the score for a costume play, but like a costume play in itself without a screen. The general décor for the musical drama thereby created, evolves from (the nearly forgotten) virtue to virtuosity indeed. Again, recordings have been kept as live, real and true as possible. A bard is known for storytelling, and iCE KiNG is not an exception in this, but in my opinion this can be done both by voice and by instrument, and that is where iCE KiNG is an exception. Earlier, I have released instrumental songs sporadically, here we get a whole sequence (in addition to historical and historic poems sung). On this album in the 'guitar hero' genre let us say, with a life of its own: Instrumental Speech I. To be continued thus, while some of the epics are also a sequel to previous ones. For some reason or another, the language of (certain) music is always there to guide me where words or other virtual - not virtuous or virtuoso - things fail..."