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Saturday, June 20, 2009

We'll Meet Again

I'm off to Congo again, tomorrow morning I'll be on a plane that will take me to Luanda (Angola) first in what can only be described as a long and boring detour to get to Kinshasa.

Tropical thunderstorm over Kinshasa (Dem. Rep. of the Congo)

See you all in two weeks time. In the mean time, try to behave.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mrs B's Pasta Recipe

  1. Make pasta sauce
  2. Forget pasta
  3. Serve while everyone's very hungry

Enjoy your meal!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ever since I returned from Africa, I've been so busy both at work and at home that I found no time to frolic around on internet, visit the blogs that I like or update my own Bartlog from time to time. So it's not that I'm dead, it's more that I've been to busy to live.

There's always a lot of work to do after a trip to the field, but this time it was really madness. Suffice to say that I've been staring at accountancy records until I knew every invoice by heart. Oh joy! At home I've been trying to take the future bathroom a bit further from the previous state of being just a pile of rubble to the lucious Roman bathing temple that it will one day be when everything's finally finished. Depressingly, despite toiling every weekend a casual observer wouldn't notice any progress at all, since I've been doing most of the technical installations – you know, pipes and drains and more pipes and stuff. So now it just looks like a ruin with excellent plumbing.

Next Sunday I'm leaving again for Central Africa, for two weeks. I'll leave my loved ones in this pile of rubble with its excessive drainage, all covered in dust – I've had to break through a couple of walls, floors and the odd foundation wall. And if all's well, things should slow down a bit for the summer. Or they'll have to lock me away into a mental asylum. But all in all, it'll be much quieter.

I'm looking quite forward to that mental asylum, actually.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Flying High

Wolf on merry-go-round  

The funfair was in town a couple of weeks ago. Not the big one, that's in August, but this one was perfect for little boys that have never been in a Merry-go-round before. We went to the fair for our third honeymoon aniversary - having a large portion of fries with a 'curryworst' (fricandelle) and a desert of 'smoutebollen' (kind of a sweet doughnut but without the whole in the middle), rather than a fancy candle-light diner.

Wolf had a blast, after stuffing his cheeks with fries from daddy and smoutebollen from mummy, he tried out the minicars and the Merry-go-round. Here you see him taking off in a plane, which he could make go up and down by pushing a button. He tries every button in his reach, but that was the best button ever!

Luckily, all that turning around and flying up and down didn't make his dinner come out. And he even got a free ride! But then it was time to head home, and surprisingly we didn't have to tear his little fingers from the cars, planes and horses to make him come with us. He's such a good boy!

Most of the time...

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Biannual Man

We celebrated Wolf’s second birthday this weekend. Two years ago, a fragile quiet little baby came into our life. It’s difficult to believe how fast he grew up to be an energetic toddler that's running around the house, that's learning the wrong words as soon as you accidentally utter them and who’s favourite hobby is to order his parents and the cats around.

Saturday – his actual birthday – we gave him a puzzle, but the real party was on Sunday. We’d invited his grandparents and godparents for a big barbecue. Mommy had bought enough meat to feed a herd of tyrannosaurs for a year or two and daddy slapped them on the grill, wearing his cowboy hat that went very well with the tepee that he’d set up at the end of the garden. And Wolf and mommy had spent the entire morning blowing up balloons and hanging them in the sun. Two hours later, the same sun had exploded almost half of the balloons. By the time all the guests were there, only four balloons survived. When the strawberries with whipped cream arrived (one kilo per guest plus one litre of whipped cream), our garden was the balloons’ version of the killing fields.

But it was loads of fun! And there were loads of gifts, although faulty communication led to two couples buying the same gift. But he got bicycles (plural, yes), a huge inflatable swimming pool, a Duplo horse riding centre (times two), a bedtime story book and loads of other loot.

Wolf and his nieces had a lot of fun; the sky was filled with screams of laughter, not in the least because the neighbours’ eldest daughter celebrated her birthday on the same day in the next garden. Needless to say, our party was the best party of the whole neighbourhood.

I was very glad that Monday was a holiday here, because I really needed an hour of rest before I went on the whole day to lay new drainpipes in the bathroom.

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