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Friday, August 31, 2007

Product Endorsement

I've been blogging for nearly two years now, and I notice that my taste in weblogs is evolving. Some blogs that I liked in the beginning now seem boring or even crap. Others have ceased to exist and are dearly missed. And then there are the ones... well we seemed to have grown apart really.

So time to update my blogroll. As always I like to give my short impression of the blogs I link to, something I picked up from Zoe's blog. It makes the links more personnal, I try to explain why I like this or that particular blog. This way it's easier for visitors to browse my links and to select the ones that my interest them, instead of clicking at random on individual links in often very elaborate blogrolls.

These are the newbees, go4th&* (go forth and multiply)

Have fun!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

You Haul Sixteen Tonnes

Wolf is sleeping downstairs, so read this very quietly please. And no shouting in the comments or I'll skin you alive!

I haven't blogged a lot during my vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. In fact I've worked my ass off, as you do during your holidays. Apart from the babysitting, I've started the final offensive on the bedroom battlefield. I'm glad to say, it's nearly finished. The ceiling is painted, the wallpaper is holding the walls together and I even installed the electric sockets and switches. The new wardrobe for Mrs. Bart looks as if it's been made by a true professional flatpack maker from Sweden.

There are some more final touches to make, such as the wooden borders between the floor and the walls, and the coverings of the space above the window that holds the mechanism for the blinds, they just need a final coat of paint. And then we can finally start to move the furniture in.

It will be a big move, because when I've dragged our bedroom furniture from the second floor to the new bedroom on the first, I'll have to hoist Wolf's new baby bedroom from Mrs.B's office to the room we now use as a bedroom on the second. It's a nice bedroom, completely in oak. Let me know if you can think of heavier wood to make furniture from...

After that, I can finish Mrs.B's office and get the old wardrobe there from the room where her new office will be once both myself and our wallet have recovered from the current refurbishment/reconstruction. Other things will move from the living room upstairs too. So you see my back is in for some very heavy duty. I will need some good massaging, but since that little weasel moved in Mrs.B. barely notices my suffering anymore, so I'd better get that idea out of my head straight away.

One more week before I have to go back to the office, so much work to do...

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Free Time

Four days into my – very much deserved – vacation and I'm ill. My wife was so kind to share her sore troat with me, and it's kept me awake for two nights (my sore troat, not hers).

The tranquility I've been dreaming of the past weeks seems to evade me, it's been nothing but running around (mother's day, visit the new baby that Mrs.B's sister had on Tuesday), DIY-ing (finally finished the cupboard, now preparing to paint the ceiling) and pampering the baby. Wolf's nanny is taking her annual vacation too, so I'm promoted to housewife. Apart from cleaning dishes, doing the laundry, warming bottles, cooling too-hot bottles, re-warming previously-too-hot bottles, feeding still-too-bloody-hot bottles, changing nappies and clothes-that-were-puked-upon-because-the-bloody-milk-was-still-too-bloody-hot, there's not much else I do.

Last year I was marching through the Ecuadorian rain forest during my summer holidays.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cuteness Contest

We were going to meet Mrs and Mr Thistletwat and baby Zoe this weekend, to establish once and for all which baby is the cutest: ours or theirs. The Thistletwats came over from merry old Albion to the country of the wet summers (Belgium) to celebrate the anniversary of Mr T's mother. So we arranged to see each other in Bruges, where they'd rented a cottage for the occasion.

Sadly, things fell in the water, the proverbial water that is because the weather was not as wet as predicted. Mrs Thistletwat is suffering from sciatica and the pain was blowing her brains out, so sadly we had to cancel the whole event.

So for now, Wolf remains the cutest baby boy and Zoe is the reigning cutest girl. But one day we will meet, and then we will decide for once and for all who is the cutest baby.

When they're both sixteen or so.

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Friday, August 10, 2007


Mrs.B. Is looking at a movie with Julia Roberts, playing some ideal man's new girlfriend trying to get along with the kids, while the divorced wife drops by everyday to make life more difficult.

It has cute little children in it!

And a puppy!

I can't take it anymore, it's too revolting! I need to puke, where are those damn brown paper bags when you need them?


The! Mother! Has! Got! Cancer!


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bomb Run

I was hit by one of those laser-guided heat-seeking super-cooled mega-drops when I went for lunch today. With unfailing precision it found the narrow gap between my coat and my hair, splashing like a wet icicle on the bare skin of my neck.

Ooooh, the pain! The terror! The faces of the people on the other side of the street when I started to jump around like a medicine man doing the rain dance on an ant hill.

These are no ordinary drops of rain. Their precision is amazing: they never fall on your coat or your hair, they always know how to find a warm spot of bare skin. When they miss on the first run, they just make a looping and try again.

They are also much heavier than ordinary rain drops, at least ten times as heavy. They’re much more dense, packing more water in one drop so that they are at least twenty times as wet as ordinary rain water. And they are super cooled, meaning that they remain liquid despite being several degrees below freezing point.

I hate them. Hatethemhatethemhatethem!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Relaxing Weekend

What can be more relaxing than having a barbecue with a couple of friends on a hot sunny day? Well, if you have a baby in the house, many, many things are more relaxing than having a couple of friends over to barbecue. And when those friends all have babies themselves, just about anything is more relaxing than having a barbecue, including jumping out of a rapidly deflating balloon with a benjii cord that has to much slack and not being able to remember if you fastened the other end, or trying to invent funny metaphors late in the evening after a very long and hard day of work.

As you know I stayed home on Friday to take care of little Wolf, because his creche was closed. I managed to do the dishes AND to mow the grass. But unfortunately he was a bit ill from the vaccinations he got the other day, so he needed a lot of attention. In fact, he was not feeling well during most of the weekend, so his mother had to flop her tits in and out of her brasier to feed and comfort him, while I dashed around the place like an overdosed Tour de France winner.

Saturday morning I got up early to drive to the store and buy everything you can imagine for a BBQ for eight, only forgetting a beefsteak for evening dinner. The butcher was out of drum sticks, much to the dismay of my loved one, so I jumped back in the car to buy drumsticks, enough charcoal to sail the Titanic back to Liverpool and totally superfluous garden candles. Sadly, I forgot the steak again. Then I cleaned the whole house and the garden. I forgot to go for steak but did manage to finish the second part of what will be a stunning homebuilt wardrobe for the wife, eventually. In the midst of construction, Mrs.B. asked me about the steak for diner. She then decided it would be better to take matters in her own hands, and went to the butcher's herself. That evening I cooked the veggies that needed cooking, while installing software on Mrs.B's refurbished computer.

Sunday was a mad dash of final preparations before the guests arrived. I set up a huge tent in the garden using leftover materials from the bedroom, and I was still in my dirty working clothes when the guests arrived, cutting more vegetables for the salads.

As soon as the four babies were aware of each other's presence, they started a howling contest. I don't know who won, but my nerves definitely lost. Still, things started to calm down a bit once we had dragged the two tables from the first floor to the garden and everyone had settled down with a drink and some snacks. But no rest for the wicked, so I lit up the barbie (the grill, not the doll) and started slapping some meat (well scampis at first) on the hot coals.

Needless to say, the food was excellent – brag brag – and everyone was very pleased. I however was most happy when everyone had gone home, after doing the dishes and giving me a hand with bringing the tables back upstairs.

We both vowed we'd never do this again, having a giant barbecue for four couples with babies and having to do the preparations with a sick infant ourselves. We were both exhausted, we still are. Wolf is still a bit grumpy, although his cough doesn't sound like that of an old chain-smoking miner anymore. And as you can see, I'm way too tired to blog.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get Well Soon

Wolf couldn't go to the creche today. Yesterday, one of the two ladies that take care of the children had a stroke, in the middle of the day, while she was taking care of the babies. Luckily, she got into the hospital very quickly. But as a consequence, the creche was closed for the rest of the week, and we don't know whether it will be open next week.

So today, Mrs. Bart wanted to take him to her work – giving him an early internship as a law student. But her boss wouldn't have it, so she had to stay at home. Tomorrow is my turn, so I will be changing nappies and warming bottles instead of staring at a computer screen all day long. It will be good practice too, because in two weeks I'll be in charge of the baby for three weeks in a row. More pessimistic souls spell disaster, but I say what can happen, with three very well equiped hospitals so close by?

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