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Sunday, October 02, 2005

First International Telenet Blog Meet

The first International Telenet Blog Meet in Brussels was a huge success, given that 100% of the people who inscribed turned up. There were Belgians (of course), a serious British delegation, a number of Italians and even a Portuguese participant. We had a lot of fun and even got to discussing the more serious topics of the day, including an analysis of the Belgian and Flemish blogosphere and an interesting lecture about the dangers of blogging. Of course, a consensus couldn’t always been reached on the more controversial topics, but during votes, it generally came to a majority of at least 65% for one of the opposite views that were put forward.

Of course, the emphasis was on meeting and getting to know each other and have a good time. During lunch, two-thirds of the bloggers favoured meat dishes, while one third was satisfied with a simple pizza. But the large majority of bloggers did agree on sharing a bottle of wine, which certainly helped to raise spirits and get into more (political) discussions. After the event, the participants were asked for their opinion. The results are still incomplete, but it looks that close to 90% or even more was very satisfied with this blog meet and is looking forward to the next one. It is unlikely that the definite results will break this trend.

Yep, we had a lot of fun there, the three of us in that nice Italian restaurant with the funny Portuguese waiter. I look forward to see Zoe, Quarsan and Quickos again.

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