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Friday, October 28, 2005

AAOUATCHAOUA !!!! (prwooooooop!)

On Wednesday, my boss called in sick, but yesterday she came to work because she had an important meeting. So yesterday evening, my nose suddenly started to drip. This night, a woke up several times with a clogged nose and a head-banging headache. So thank you very much, my sweet employer for giving my a hell of cold. Either that, or I am the first person in Belgium with the bird flue. Which is quite possible because we ate guinea fowl on Wednesday. Does anyone know the incubation period for guinea fowl induced bird flue?

This morning, I went out to find some books and maps of Niger for my coming trip, and I sounded like a steam-engine when I sniffed my way through the streets of Antwerp. So far, I’ve taken two aspirins (the headache is gone, thank Myself and other godlike figures), a pill to stop my nose being clogged, a pill to stop the constant dripping of my nose now that it’s not clogged anymore, and two tablets of vitamin C. I feel mildly better, but as the weekend is about to start AND because it’s a prolonged weekend of no less than four days, I have no doubt that I’ll be very ill starting tomorrow. Which also means I’ll have to skip the weekend in the Ardennes region. Oh joy to the world…

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