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Thursday, October 20, 2005


I went to the Institute for Tropical Medicine today, to get my shots for the coming trips to Niger and the Somewhat Democratic Republic of Congo (sDRC). The institute is just a stone’s throw away from our place, although the doctor didn’t seem too happy with me throwing stones at him.

Apparently, the newest technique in tropical medicine is to drill your arms full of holes. This way, the bugs get sucked out by the wind. I hope I can move my arms tomorrow. But I didn’t cry, so the doctor gave me a lollypop for being such a brave lad.

In the morning, I’ll have to go to the pharmacist to stock up on anti-malaria drugs. These can be incredibly vile, but luckily the ones that I have to take for Africa are coated and I only have to take them only once a week. I know from experience that my body doesn’t react in funny ways to these pills, because they can have quite strong side-effects. You can get pretty weird dreams from them, but last time I went to Senegal, I didn’t have stranger dreams than usual. Which doesn’t mean much of course.

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