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Monday, October 31, 2005

Rolling Stones BC

Autumn on the Baraque Fraiture - Ardennes (Belgium)

Despite a severe cold, I went to the Ardennes as planned in the company of my dearest. And I must say it did me a heap of good, because I was finally able to sleep the whole night trough. This was in sharp contrast to the two previous nights which I spent mostly wide awake.

Autumn on the Baraque Fraiture - Ardennes (Belgium)

The weather was absolutely marvellous, with the sun shining brightly and creating a brilliant pallet of rich browns, reds, yellows in the woods of the Ardennes’ mountains. We saw many wild animals, very busily preparing the fast approaching winter, and then we ate quite a number of them with mushrooms and cranberries.

Autumn on the Baraque Fraiture - Ardennes (Belgium)

Autumn on the Baraque Fraiture - Ardennes (Belgium)

Wibrin (Belgian Ardennes) - menhirs

We also visited the small village of Wibrin with its famous menhirs and other Palaeolithic constructions (we didn’t eat any). It’s still unclear what their purpose is, but I reckon that the great-great-great-etc. grandfathers of the current inhabitants of Wibrin just had a weird sense of humour and wanted to play with the minds of future archaeologists. Or else they saw it coming that agriculture wouldn’t be the source of income it once was, despite EC subsidies. So they slammed some giant stones on top of each other to attract tourists. And by golly, does it work! We practically had to queue to get a glimpse of those stones.

Wibrin (Belgian Ardennes) - dolmen

Wibrin (Belgian Ardennes) - a look inside the southern dolmen

Inside the dolmen

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