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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

An Apple a day…

I worked with Apple computers before I ever touched the keyboard of a PC. That was the age when Apple already had a Graphical User Interface with windows and folders and icons, while Intel based systems relied on long and often very complex DOS commands. Windows 3.0 was a humorous attempt to mimic the user-friendliness of the Macintosh computers. At that time, I was mostly involved in the editing and page lay-out of our college magazine. I worked on the machines of the faculty’s Media Center or on the Mac of a mate of mine. But when the time came to buy a real computer to replace my trusty MSX computer (remember those?), it was budgetary restrictions that forced me to buy a second-hand 386. I quickly ran out of hard disk space, which led me to the discovery that PC’s can do things a Mac can’t do: you can tinker with them ad infinitum to get as close as you can to what you really want with very little money to spare.

Windows 95 was a big leap of course, but it never was as stable as the Macs were. But I tinkered along, building my own computers in the end with a budget that was three to four times as low as buying a new Mac. And slowly, the difference in quality diminished and PC’s even got ahead of the Macs. At the moment, I wouldn’t dream of trading in my (recently upgraded) PC for any Apple G-whatever. Why would I?

Well, yesterday I bought me an Apple, an I-pod to be precise, or an I-pod Photo to be very specific. With a 20Gb hard drive on which I can put all the music I may need during my coming weeks of travel in Africa. And pictures of my girlfriend of course, to be viewed on the colour display (brag, brag). What kind of pictures, do you ask? Well, that is none of your damn business, is it now?

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