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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The bart roast is excellent

Traveling to Niger may sound exotic, but a business trip is a business trip. I like the work I do here very much, but I won't bore you with stories of meetings and reports and so on.

I got pretty well used to the heat here, although I must confess I'm less active in the afternoon. It's murderous to go walking around in the full blaze of the sun.

I spent the weekend being lazy, because I really needed to rest. It was calm too, with the German couple with whom I hang around most of the time gone on a 1000 km trip to the desert city of Agadez. My destinations were far less exiting and mostly involved places where I could acquire food or beverages. The food here is by the way excellent, and much more varied than Senegal for instance, where I spend my annual leave three years ago. There you had the choice between rice with chicken or rice with beef during the whole three week trek.

I was also invited by a Nigerien colleague at his place on Saturday, where I met his wife and his darling little daughter of two. We spent the evening talking and watching local TV. Television news is very strange here, nothing much happens here and most of it consists of images of meetings of non governmental organisations (NGO). They practically emit the whole meeting, which is very boring. On the other hand it's also fun to see the looks of utter boredom on the faces of the participants. NGOs dominate the streets here, wherever you go you will see signs announcing their presence and projects. It seems there's hardly any industry of commerce, the economy largely depends on them. Which means something's very wrong with this country. Hence its poverty of course.

My credit's almost gone, so I will tell you later what kind of wildlife you get to meet here in the middle of the city.

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