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Monday, December 05, 2005

Two birthdays and a wedding

I know I landed in Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport a week ago, but it feels like I didn’t even touch the ground since then. It’s been one big rush from one place to the other ever since to arrange things for my trip to Congo and to organise the wedding. My (girlfriend) fiancée was totally panicking when she called me two days after I’d left the country because the place where our wedding party was going to take place would be sold. Given the difficulties to find such a place here in Belgium (“first find the place, after that start looking for a wife”) that was a serious bummer, as Shakespeare so eloquently wrote.

But it seems that everything will be all right now. We found a new place, we pre-ordered a tent for 200 to 250 people (we have very big families and lots of friends, especially when there are free drinks and meals to be had) and we arranged staples of food. I’m not going to divulge any details here; we want it to be a big surprise for everyone.

We also had to find a bunch of gifts for the coming festivities, starting with my mother’s birthday (4th of December) and the commemorative celebration in honour of my very own arrival on this cute little planet. It was almost 34 years ago, on the 14th of December 1971, that the Mother Ship dropped me off. But since I’ll be on a business trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo until the 18th, we celebrated both our birthdays together yesterday. There was cake, which is not really my piece of cake, and delicious fish rolls (flounder) with a creamy sauce with mussels and shrimp. My sister made the mashed potatoes, so they were too dry. She is a strict follower of my father in this regard. But all in all it was extremely delicious and I bunkered enough food to last me a fortnight.

Today, we registered our wedding day. The 20th of May next year I will leave my youth behind, for good. Farewell to those wild years of booze, women (blah blah blah), liquor, partying all night long, drinking too much and waking up next morning with a head full of spiky blow-fish with the hick-ups. From now on, I will be a respectable member of society. And to celebrate this, we drank gallons of beer yesterday evening. So sorry for the smelly breath and the beer-farts that accompany this post.

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