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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls…

The deed is done. Our tomcats are tomcats no more. Their jingly bits are no longer jingling. That’s right folks, we had them castrated. There was little choice in the matter, we have two tomcats in an apartment (although a rather large one), so the risk that they would start spraying to mark their territory was very real. When tomcats spray, the smell is awful, so it was a matter of self protection. In the age old battle between the interests of furniture and cats, the furniture won again.

We took Snijeg and Macka to the vet on Monday morning. They weren’t eager to go – very understandably – and Snijeg even managed to creep under the small pillow in his transport box. His attempt was in vain, the vet spotted him at once. I left them there and headed for work, while MLF (my lovely fiancée) went to take them home in the evening.

The poor things were visibly eager to get home, clawing through the bars of their transport cages wanting to get out. They went through the ordeal without any problems, but it took a while for the anaesthetics to wear off. They also had some trouble walking around, as they were a bit stiff between the hind legs. Even jumping onto the sofa was too difficult, we had to give them a (careful) push.

The next day, it was as if nothing had happened. They are as playful and as mischievous as ever, happily destroying our furniture, plants, kitchen utensils and so on. I guess it will take a few weeks before the hormones wear out.

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