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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Picture this

Sunset over the Niger river

For those of you living under a meter and a half of snow, here are some tropical pictures of my trip to Niger a couple of weeks ago to warm you up a bit.

Banana tree in Niger

If you want proof that Niger is a warm country: they grow bananas in their own gardens, something you rarely see in Belgium.

Bridge over the Niger river in Niamey (Niger)

Leather production centre in Niamey (Niger)

A friend of mine invited me to visit a workshop were the artisans make leather the old way. The tubs are used to process the raw hides and turn them into leather by removing the hairs and treating them with a number of foul smelling liquids.

Coloured leather skins drying in Niamey (Niger)

This is the end result: coloured goat or sheep skins.

Salesman at the Petit Marché in Niamey (Niger)

He looks stern, but this salesman at the Petit Marché (little market) was very friendly and insisted that I took his photograph. Most people here don't like their pictures to be taken or demand money in return.

Sunset over the Niger river

The Niger river at sunset with fishermen in their 'pirogues'.

Fog descends over the Niger river in the evening

In the evening, people gather at the terrace of the Grand Hotel to eat 'brochettes', while the bats gather over the river to eat insects.

Artisan working on a silver bracelet - Niamey (Niger)

We visited a silver smith's shop, where he and his apprentices turn plain sheets into beautiful works of art.

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