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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy hangover

« And for you also so much » as we say here. May the iron spiked rubber ball that’s bouncing around in your head loose momentum soon and may the high pitched tones of the shrieking children around you be muffled forever when they choke on the leftover cake in the fridge.

Despite the traditional end-of-year frenzy, things were relatively quiet in Bart Manor the last couple of days. In between sumptuous Christmas and New Year’s Eve diners, we spent some time doing the laundry, buying completely unnecessary computer parts, cleaning the house a bit, playing with the cats and riding the horse. I annoyed everyone at the various parties with my new camera, either showing off its many functions or blinding people permanently because I don’t master its many functions as I should. Which reminds me, I even got to working on the photo album of our summer holidays. I’m about half way through and at this rate I might have finished it before we go on our next annual leave.

I saved up as many days off work as I could, which wasn’t much because I changed work in August and I was so fed up with my previous work that I used up almost all my vacation in July. So I had to work last week, although only two days. This wouldn’t have bothered me that much, except that I was still very tired from the two consecutive trips to Africa. On top of that, we were the only office working in a building with six other organisations, so we felt rather lonely and stupid. It seemed like most of Brussels was on vacation, there were hardly any people on the morning and evening trains, in the subway and on the streets. Quite depressing, I can tell you.

I’m happy 2005 has come to an end; it wasn’t the happiest of years for me. I spent the first half of the year in a very stressful and depressing situation at my previous job. I got in a serious fight with the management board in May 2004, and the tension lasted ever since. Worse still, I couldn’t seem to find a suitable new job and I was hanging on by my finger nails after January, when we got a new and not very sympathetic boss to make things worse. Even after finding my new job, it took me a couple of months to shake off the experience, but to end on a positive note, I’m glad I found my ‘drive’ again. When you fight the roots and consequences of poverty, conflicts and natural disasters, it’s all about motivation. Loose that and you’re washed away with the giant wave of problems you encounter every day.

But 2005 wasn’t all sorrow. For starters, I dared to ask She-who-lays-her-freezing-feet-against-mine-under-the-duvet to marry me. Even better, she said yes! Unfortunately, we both underestimated the amount of work – not to mention the cost – which a wedding brings. We just have too many relatives and friends. We also enlarged our family with two cuddly newcomers, who have thanked us ever since by methodically destroying our furniture, plants, carpets, wall paper, wiring, etc. Macka and Snijeg, we love you very much and hope you will be with us for a very long time to bite in our toes when we get out of bath!

So the first half of 2006 will be all about organising our wedding. If you can’t stand the word feel free to switch to another blog at any moment. This reminds me: if anyone has good advice on exotic wedding destinations for less than no money, please tell us. Or send us money. Lots of it.

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