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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Paylog by Telenet

Before I set up this blog, I compared different possibilities to set up a weblog. I wasn’t too enthusiast about free services such as Blogger, because I read a lot of complaints on different blogs from people who couldn’t get access anymore, who lost parts or even their whole weblog and so on. At the time, blogger often was just dead slow. So I preferred the idea of setting up a blog on the webspace I already had at my disposal with my ISP Telenet, using an application – preferably a free one – to design and manage it. This would cost me a bit more time and study, but at least it wouldn’t look like 5.633 other blogs based on the same template.

However, the security policy of Telenet proved to be a difficulty. They don’t allow for any scripts to run on their servers (except a small number of CGI-scripts they wrote themselves about a century ago). Without the possibility to work with CGI or PHP, most weblog tools just won’t work. Luckily for me, JavaScript was a valid option. There aren’t that many JavaScript tools available, but there are some, and I settled for Thingamablog. Apart from one dreadful experience that cost me my whole weblog after my girlfriend had accidentally corrupted a file that is very essential to Thingamablog, I’ve been very pleased with this solution.

A couple of days ago, after my return from the Heart of Darkness (in Africa), I noticed that Telenet had a new button on their brand new opening page. ‘Blogs’ it read, and I quickly took a curious peep. Would Telenet have changed it security policy? Would I too be able to work with PHP and CGI? Not at all! Forget it! Get real! Telenet stays firmly in control over their servers. What they do provide is ‘their proper tool’, better known as TypePad, just slightly adapted. And since TypePad is not a freeware application, you have to pay to make a blog on Telenet: € 4.95 per month to be precise, on top of your monthly fee for the internet connection. If you want different weblogs or a photo album, you can add another € 4 to that price and another € 10 to the price of the Basic service if you want a groupblog.

What’s so annoying about this is that you still don’t have the choice. It’s either their solution or nothing at all (except when you use JavaScript). And pay € 5 per month for a basic weblog, while you can have it all for free at other ISP’s? Never!

Why, if I wasn’t as lazy as I am, I would change immediately!

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