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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Honeymoon dreams

It’s freezing cold here, the Russians aren’t coming but their weather is. Hello Siberia! So what better means of psychological resistance than ordering one’s honeymoon trip to a tropical destination?

We finally decided on Ecuador, known for its Incas, Andes and regular revolutions. We opted for a semi-organised semi-low-budget tour, which means that we’ll have a guide with us to take care of logistics (transport and finding places to sleep), but for the rest we can do whatever we want. At every stop on our roundtrip through the country, we’ll get a number of options to choose from. Want to see some culture? Here’s an Inca ruin, her name is Consuela, she’s 42 years old, still single and her mother is not a goat, despite all the rumours and the obvious similarities (wait until she starts to sing). Want to do some sports? Here you maniac, here’s a raft. Go paddle up that waterfall. Want to see some nature? Don’t feed yourself to the Anaconda’s or you’ll be in big trouble with the local police.

I’m very fond of this kind of travelling ever since I tried it in Central America. It gives you all the freedom you want, without the need to constantly hang over maps, bus/train itineraries, travel guides and so on. If you don’t like the other members of your group, you can happily do whatever you want on your own. For all they care, you can stay into your hotel room the whole time, only showing up when it’s time to move on.

We’re both looking forward of seeing the upper part of the Amazon, with its dense tropical forests. Just the thing you need to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable: going to a place with billions of mosquito’s so you can scratch open each others skin, share an open forest toilet while the diarrhoea makes you produce a previously undiscovered and very brown tributary to the Amazon and meet each other in feverish dreams while suffering from a major case of malaria when you’ve returned.

I’m so looking forward to this!

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