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Friday, January 27, 2006

Picture this

For our wedding invitations, we thought it would be nice to make a picture of the two rubber duckies we got recently. He-Quack is dressed in a tuxedo, while the she-duck has a wedding gown and a necklace. The idea is to take a picture of the both of them surrounded by loads of white foam.

Technically, it’s not the easiest of pictures because of this white foam. With my standard flash, the only thing I would probably get is a yellow blur (the duckies) in a white blur (the foam). So I thought it would be good to get a couple of spotlights to get a clear picture (the duckies are not very big) with enough detail (in the bubbles).

Now how difficult can it be to buy three spotlights? ‘Very difficult’, you would say, ‘if you live in the high artic tundra with nothing but hundreds of kilometres of snow and ice around you’.

But you see, I don’t live in such a remote place. I live in a relatively big city with more than half a million inhabitants, with thousands and thousands of shops and warehouses and the like. Surely there MUST be at least one shop that has tree measly spotlights?

Well, guess again, because after two weeks of dwelling trough the streets of Antwerp, visiting every furniture, DIY, hardware, porn and electrical appliances shop I could find, I STILL DIDN’T FIND ANY BLOODY SPOTLIGHTS. At least none that can handle a 80-100 W light bulb and that come with clamps so I don’t have to drill holes in the walls or in the furniture just to position them.

Oh yes, we have portable phones now so you can call from the South Pole if you want to. And we have portable computers so you can enjoy a total system crash in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. And we have I-pods and the like so you can listen to Grauzone’s ‘Eisbaer’ on the hottest spot the Sahara has to offer. But we DON’T HAVE ANY BLOODY PORTABLE LAMPS ANYMORE, because that is WAY over our technological capabilities!

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