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Monday, January 30, 2006

Terrorist Toddlers

It is said that the general population in this part of the country – the Flemish part that is – is turning into a bunch of sourpusses. This means that everyone thinks he or she is the most important person in the world and thereby entitled to do whatever (s)he wants, while the fellow countrymen should abbey all rules to the very letter. If not, they are liable to prosecution.

A very fine example of this behaviour made national headlines a while ago. A couple of acid spewing, vinegar pissing, sauerkraut shitting ass-wipes won a court case, after they complained to the judge about the children’s playground behind their homes. It seems the toddlers made too much noise. According to one of these morons, who dared to show her face on national television, the children make so much noise playing, that they ‘are not able to complete their afternoon nap anymore, because the sounds of the children playing wake them up’.

The fact that such morons exist, is not very surprising. The fact that they are becoming more and more numerous is very annoying. The fact that they are becoming so loud that they awake me during my afternoon nap is extremely annoying (and untrue, I very rarely take a nap then). But the fact that a judge would go so far as to say they’re right is absolutely beyond belief. So now the children can’t play anymore on the playing ground, or they will be arrested and the municipality, which owns the playing ground, will get a huge fine.

The days following the court ruling, protest came from all layers of the population and from many politicians. So yesterday, they organised a ‘silent’ protest mars, which wasn’t that silent because it involved some 10.000 people, including a lot of children. And as the plaintiffs can tell you, children make a hell of a racket. Serves them right!

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