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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

NASDAQ - Valentine Shares up 35%

It was not so long ago that Saint Valentine was largely unknown in Belgium. That doesn’t mean there was no love in this little country of us, oh no. But then again, what is the relation between Saint Valentine’s and love? It’s just about gaining money anyway. And that’s how it got introduced in these parts of Europe in the first place. Some twenty years ago, there were a couple of gaps between the summer holidays, the return to school, the summer sales period, Saint-Nicolas (our equivalent of Father Christmas, but his celebration is on the 6th of December), Christmas, New Year, the winter sales period and Easter. So our intrepid store keepers decided to check over the wild seas to see if they couldn’t import some extra holidays to boost sales in between the traditional shopping frenzies. And find they did. So recently we have become quite familiar with Halloween for example, when we have to BUY pumpkins and BUY masks and BUY candles and BUY worthless junk to ‘decorate’ you home.

Saint Valentine got tied to the mast and sailed over the English channel a couple of years earlier. It’s an absolute shame how we get these holidays in our faces and stuffed down our troths just to serve the commercial interests of the greedy little capitalists that would sell their soul for a bit of cash. I mean, do we really need a special day to say ‘I love you’ with ridiculously expensive gifts that no-one asked for and that end up in the back of some closet a month later? Why do we dress up in ‘sexy’ lingerie that evening that we wouldn’t been seen dead in for the rest of the year and pretend to have the best fuck session ever like a couple over-used third rate porn stars? How meaningless is it if you empty your wallet once a year but don’t spend a moment’s attention to each other the other 364 days. Isn’t it more valuable to show your affection every day with little attentions and sweet words?

Anyway, I bought her a lovely candle shaped like a couple of cute little bears dancing with each other, dressed in a tuxedo and a beautiful dress. And tonight we’re going to have dinner at her (and my) favourite place in Antwerp, a Greek restaurant close to the Main Market square. And after that I’ll put on my ‘elephant’ underwear…

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