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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Breaking the law

This was going to be a post about a set of very strange postcards I once bought. Was, because I wanted to scan them to show them to you. But when I lifted the cover of the scanner, I noticed to my gigantic horror that the glass of the scan bed was completely shattered. The police identified the probable suspects as two males, both wearing a fur coat, one white and one grey with stripes. They are known by many names, such as ‘that whiner’, ‘bad puss’ and ‘bloody cat’, but their real names are Snijeg and Macka. Should you come across one or both of these fugitives, contact your local police station. Extreme caution is advised, since both culprits are armed to the teeth – meaning exactly that, they bite. Preferably in electrical wiring.

So now I can probably throw away a perfectly good and rather expensive scanner. I think I’ll tie those two on it when I shove it into the trashcan.

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