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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The trip back home was long and tedious. Two hours waiting at Bujumbura airport, an hour and a half flight to Nairobi, a ten hour wait there and an eleven hour flight back to Belgium via Entebbe (where we had to wait for another hour). In total a twenty-four hour trip with ladies barfing next to me (twice) and the sound of hundreds of pieces of shit flushing down the toilet just behind my seat. Oh joy!

When I finally did arrive, there was a big surprise waiting for me. In the evening our landlord came over to make an announcement. We have to leave our apartment by the end of the year. Oh joy!

As if we don’t have enough to do this year with the wedding and all, we’ll also have to start looking for a new place to live. This is a serious bummer, as the old Greek philosophers used to say, because we had hoped that we could stay in this ridiculously cheap and enormously large apartment for another two to three years. This way, we could quietly look for another place while saving enough money to get a loan for more money. Houses don’t come cheap here. Instead, our brand new ship of marriage is swept into the first rapids with this big challenge. We’ll have to find a place AND secure a loan in the next nine months. Oh triple joy!

Apart from the time frame, I do look forward to buying something, although it’s very possible that we’ll get stuck on the financial part alone. On the other hand, she-who-makes-ridiculous-claims-that-I-snore-while-I-sleep set out some pretty high standards for our future dwelling. It should have room for at least one horse and a horse van/truck while at the same time be affordable but not in the sense that it is a complete ruin. It should be good enough to live in without any major refurbishing and it shouldn’t be too far away from a train station so I can get to work easily, or from a major road so she can get to work easily. There are loads of houses/old farms available, but not in the vicinity of the big cities where we work. Most houses around here tend to be expensive and small, so no room for a horse.

Actually, I don’t dare to tell her that because I’m afraid that the horse has a higher priority in her eyes than me, myself and I. On the positive side you, dear reader, will have a lot to read about in 2006, you lucky lot. This weblog is starting to get more plot twists than the average episode of The Bold And The Beautiful Neighbours Of The Flying E.R. At Eastenders’.

Next week my girlfriend will inexplicably burst out in tears and confess that she used to be a hairy Georgian drug lord named Dimjitrij before she had the sex transplant to get out of the hands of corrupt former KGB leaders.

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