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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Developing Countries and Photos

As promised, the photos I took in Burundi. Well, some of them.

Sunset over lake Tanganyika

I have this passion for palm trees, I just think they're beautiful. Nothing says 'tropics' like palm trees.

The flag of Burundi


A pot of gold was waiting for me at the end of this rainbow. A pint of beer to be precise.

View over lake Tanganyika

Fishermen on lake Tanganyika

A heard a strange sound, which came from these fishermen slapping on the water surface with their paddle. They were either allergic to fish, or they tried to lure them with the sound.

Wood shop project for children living on the street

To prove that I did work, a picture of a wood shop project at a child centre we visited where children living on the streets of Bujumbura get vocational training.

Traditional Burundese drums

At the centre they also had the traditional Burundese drums I mentioned in an earlier post. Can you imagine balancing these huge things on your head and slamming them with all your might?

Handicapped child in waiting room

A child waiting for the nurse to see him.

Pharmacy of an Aids Project

The pharmacy of 'Nouvelle Espérance', an organisation that gives medical and psycho-social assistance to people with HIV or AIDS. You wouldn't believe how many pills you have to take when you're infected by the virus that causes AIDS.

Sand castle on the beach of lake Tanganyika

More work: Emma - the daugther of my colleague - and I designed and built this beautiful 'chateau' with lush green garden AND luxury terrace. The towers are my work.

A 'pirogue' on the beech of Lake Tanganyika

Burundese Boogie Man

My colleagues eldest son, dressed for 'Carnaval'. He was not amused when I said he looked uglier without the mask.

Ant hill

A typical local dwelling. For ants that is.

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