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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Richer than I thought

We went to the bank on Friday, to see if we could knock some money out of their pockets. Instead of the traditional stockings over our head and a Kalashnikov in each hand, we decided to go for a more subtle approach. So I shaved and put on a clean shirt. Yes I know, the things people do for money…

We didn’t have high expectations, given the fact that I work in the humanitarian sector for a humanitarian wage, while she-who-refuses-to-taste-even-my-most-delicious-fish-recipes only just finished her internship and isn’t yet making big lawyer bucks (or Euros). But the bank saw it differently and to our big surprise, we are quite cash-worthy.

This means we can look for different kinds of houses. Instead of looking for dumps that we need to renovate for twenty years before we can safely drop into a seat without the fear of dropping right trough the floor boards, we can now look for houses with real walls and floors and ceilings and even some electricity. Maybe even a decent heating, although I must not allow myself to get carried away too much.

In the mean time, it’s clear that the dream house with room for a horse is way out of our possibilities. It’s not just the price but also the fact that Belgium is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, which means that ground prices are high and plots of land are small. Especially in the area between Antwerp and Brussels it’s difficult to find something with the tinniest of gardens. I noticed that the people who sell the houses frequently mix up the concepts of ‘garden’ and ‘flower pot barely large enough to grow a single twig’.

Anyway, we selected the first three houses to visit, so I’ll make some appointments tomorrow. So afterwards, we can all have a good laugh about the shacks we've seen. I’ll keep you informed.

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