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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

1000th visitor

Sound the trumpets! Let the drums roll! Play that funky music!

Be.Bartlog has officially welcomed it’s 1000th visitor, 186 days after the official launch of this weblog on September the 9th last year. It’s been already five months since I first posted here, full of nerves and wondering if I’d get any readers at all. You see, I didn’t advertise this site to the usual targets of first time weblogs, i.e. your own friends and family. In fact, apart from my lovely fiancée, none of my friends or family know about this blog. I wanted to make it on my own. Either people would be interested in my wild adventures, or no-one would give a damn and they wouldn’t stay out of mere politeness.

And behold, my flock of followers is growing at a steady (but slow) pace.

So who are you? Let me just for once stop talking about myself and hand over the microphone to the people out there.

Most of you are Belgian, although there is a serious bias here since I visit the blog at least once a day to check if it’s looking all right. Surprisingly, my biggest fans and most regular visitors are living in Sweden, followed by the Canadians and Danes. And right they are, what better way to get trough those long winter evenings than by surfing to a great, funny, high-quality, intellectual yet modest blog?

A lack of decent beer in their own country drove a lot of readers from the Netherlands to this fine Belgian refuge, so a warm ‘Welkom’ there. The rest of Western Europe follows them before we come to the more exotic destinations (not that Canada isn’t exotic of course). As always, New Zealanders and Australians are bickering amongst themselves for the next place. Other interesting places in the list include Japan, Columbia, Taiwan, Romania, Brazil, Estonia and many others. This blog is also under scrutiny by NATO, so don’t mess around with me, I’ve got powerful friends here.

Apart from the information your browsers kindly provided me, what else can I say about you? Well, you’re a shy bunch of people, that’s for sure! You hardly ever use the comments to discuss my posts. I would like to give special credit to my friend Zoe, who single-handedly tried to get things going by posting over and over again, only to find herself shouting in the desert. Big hugs to you Zed, and that’s enough of that. She’s just won a Bloggie for the Best European Weblog for the second year in a row, so I can’t give too much praise or her ego will explode.

Anyway, back to you lot. Promise you’ll write! But most importantly, do keep reading. And thank you once again for visiting.


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