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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bart Is In The House

Just another Saturday: stood up, had breakfast, took a bath, exchanged bodily fluids, bought a house…

Yes, that’s right. In what is probably the world speed record ‘House Buying’, we found ourselves a house. We saw it on a website and it was top ranked on our to-see-list. We saw it yesterday, together with a lot of other couples. When we left, we were eyeing each other, wondering who would decide first to buy it. It was a bit over our budget, but we decided we would be very sorry afterwards if we didn’t buy it. There was little chance that we would find a house this big with a garden for that price. Although we did feel a bit uncomfortable because it was the first and only house we saw. So this morning we rang the company that sold the house, and told them we wanted to buy it. Around noon we were the proud owners of a new house! Total time: less than 24 hours and less than two weeks after our current landlord told us we had to move out by the end of the year.

It has oodles of space, with no less than five bedrooms. A garden in front and a garden in the back, not very wide (about 5 meters) but long. This means we can finally have barbecue parties this summer! The living room is a bit cramped, there’s no central heating and the kitchen and bathroom will have to be replaced over time. But it was in very good condition and we can occupy it immediately without any problem. Over the years, we’ll be able to gradually improve it, so there’s much DIY fun ahead.

Oh, and it has a wine cellar, although I do suspect that the people whom we bought it from will not leave the fine collection of bottles there when they move out.

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