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Monday, April 03, 2006

Three Seconds to Meltdown

It's less hot than it's supposed to be here, a mere 37°C when I arrived. The desert wind is blowing massive amounts of sand and dust towards us, which blocks out the sun a wee bit. The wind itself is hot and hard. It's like standing in the airflow of a jet engine.

The dust gets everywhere: in your clothes, in your mouth, in your throat... I have to be careful with electronic equipment, so the camera stays mainly in its bag inside my suitcase.

Not that I have much free time here, there's much too much work to be done. But enough about that already.

My hotel is interesting. Sadly there was no more room at the place I stayed last time, where I met a lot of interesting people. The hotel staff of the place I'm staying in is nice and the rooms are clean and spacey, but it does not deserve it's name. It's called 'le Relaxe', but they try to keep you as best as they can from doing just that. The morning after my arrival, they woke me up at 7AM for breakfast. That was not what I was hoping for after a full day of travelling.

In the evening, it got even worse. A wedding kept me awake well into the night. The next morning, the staff had no compassion either, turning me into a nervous wreck with their cleaning noises. Oh, and I suspect the neighbour is keeping goats at the other side of the wall that's right outside my window (so much for a view there).

Ah, Africa...

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