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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flex Time

I know some people have gliding working hours, but here they have gliding holidays. Last week I was told that Tuesday would be a Muslim Holiday. Because these depend on the moon calendar, I wasn't surprised to hear it could also be on Monday. But then they said it would be definitely on Tuesday. Friday afternoon however, the government announced that Monday would be the official holiday.

So on Monday morning I was still happily snoring the tiles of the ceiling, when somebody violently woke me up by knocking on the door. The driver was there, asking me to come to the office. When I arrived there, I asked about that holiday. The director told me that everyone was informed that it would be Monday finally, but on Monday morning it was announced again that it was on Tuesday.

So basically they had gotten me to the office to tell me that I could stay in bed and that I had the day's off.

Oh golly!

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