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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Although I'm quite active on a number of weblogs, I never had a Gravatar. The main reason for this was that I just couldn't think of an avatar that suited me. I think you will understand that it was quite a challenge to find something that fully embodies my many outstanding capacities, without it getting so unbelievably impressive that fellow bloggers wouldn't dare to voice their humble opinions out of fear to have such an obviously pathetic point of view compared to mine.

You know me, I'm hopelessly modest.

So after much thought, I came up with this:

Pretty cool heh? I think it reflects well my style of writing, especially the biting remarks I sometime leave behind. I completely drew it myself. May I point you in particular to the beautiful shining effect on the copper part of the pen. No gratuitous use of filters there, all done by hand (mouse)!

Posted by Bart at 7:22 PM
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