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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Evening Stroll In Antwerp

The weather was so nice yesterday evening, so we had a nice walk trough the old part of town and along the river banks. A nice chance for me to practice my photography skills.

Antwerpen - Zuiderterras  

The 'Zuiderterras' is one of the very few places where you can sit right next to the river Schelde and have a drink or something to eat. It's been a while since I was here, but the food is quite good.

View on the cathedral

The Cathedral of Our Lady, as seen from the southern terrace next to the river.

Boat on the river Schelde

View on the leftbank

The skyline of the leftbank.

Statue at the end of the Zuiderterras

Statue of a lion at the entrance of the Zuiderterras

These statues guard the entrance of the Zuiderterras, one of two terraces that follow the river bank. No better place for a warm evening, to look at the boats passing by.

Modern building at the river docks

This cold modern building near the northern end of the Noorderterras got a nice warm glow from the setting sun.

Saint-Paul's church

The church of Saint-Paul's overlooks the red light district, giving a stern look at the sins of the flesh commited nearby.

Antwerp nightlife

One of the many pubs in the old city.

Irish pub

Antwerp has more Irish pubs than Dublin! Well, almost...

The cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp

The main tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady dominates the city centre.

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