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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Final Countdown

18 days and counting to day ‘M’

We’re May.

No world-shocking news there, you would think, but for us the final countdown has begun. After months of preparations the wedding is getting close. In 18 days we will experience what many call the most beautiful day of our life.

If we’re still alive that is. We’re both not feeling very well lately, mainly because of general fatigue. We have trouble staying awake, getting asleep, sleeping, getting up and getting around. We had two ‘soirées’ with friends this weekend, and I’m afraid we’ve been rather absent in everything but physical presence. There was image, but no sound, and the image was blurred.

Anyway, enough whining. How about I treat you to a couple of excellent links to even more excellent weblogs? There are many thousands of new blogs popping up every day, I’m told, but as you will notice many of them range from absolute crap to interstellar boredom. You’re so lucky you’ve found my blog!

So when you’re done reading every entry in the Bartlog, feel free to click to these golden nuggets:

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