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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Slow Time

7 days and counting to day ‘M’

I’d like to launch a general appeal to my readers. You see, we urgently have to decide what songs we’re gone play to open the dance on our wedding. As with any good traditional (hum) Belgian wedding, we as the freshly married couple will start the dance evening with a couple of slows. The problem is: which slows?

‘Lady in Red’ is not an option, like me make this clear at the start. My fresh young wife will be wearing white and blue for starters (not that I’m supposed to know of course), and it’s the kind of song that makes me scramble for a brown paper bag to review last week’s diners.

Apparently, my bride-to-be has something against a jolly nice guitar riff. Anything remotely akin to Metal seems to be out of the question (I always found Metallica’s ‘One’ a touching song that would reach me emotionally on a deeper level).

So we urgently need your help. Please tell us all about your favourite wedding-dance-openers and sticky romantic songs!

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