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Friday, June 02, 2006


Hard to find an internet cafe in the rainforest, I can tell you. We're having a wonderful time here. We suffered a bit from jet lag (make that an enormous bit) and we've been sleeping off the tension and hard work of the last months. Ecuador is a beautiful country with very friendly people, but we managed to pick the rainy season for our honeymoon. That's not as bad as it sounds, it generally rains in short but heavy bursts, which is not that bad if you're close to shelter. However, the rainforest didn't steal its name. Actually it should be called the 'humungously soaking and damp enormously entagled endless green wet place', but somehow that name didn't catch on. We've been criss-crossing the area of the main tributaries of the Amazon river for four days, and we got out all damp/wet, with our cloths smelly and muddy. We had to bring everything to the laundry shop today, as soon as we arrived in the Andean town of Banos.

There are hot baths here, courtesy of the nearby volcano, and yours truly is going to soak in them for a very long time. If I could only get Mrs. Bartlog to give me a good massage there...

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